Meet Pierre G Bosco, ENN top investigative journalist

Investigating arms trafficking and suspicious banking, TV star reporter P.G. Bosco exposes alarming situations that force him to address big questions.

  • Nobody in Europe loves the euro, but everybody needs it. Is the common currency a step towards greater EU integration, or will it cause Europe’s disintegration?
  • Germany has become the EU’s dominant economy. Will Germany save Europe or wreck it a third time in a century?
  • Despite their crimes, bankers are considered “too big to fail and/or to jail”. Is this impunity due to the fact that finance is war – and the world is at war right now?
  • Russia’s neo-imperialism and China’s global ascendancy are realigning power in the world. Can Europe and the U.S. fight back?

In the dramatic search for answers, Bosco unveils an epic conspiracy in which crime, finance and politics collude. The much-sought prize is not just hegemony over Europe: it’s global supremacy.