Finance, politics and warfare:  500 pages, 30 chapters, action in 4 continents
The Crisis (ch. 1-5)
The Euro (ch. 6-13)
The Bomb (ch. 14-20)
The Mind (ch. 21-27)       
The Revenge (ch. 28-30)

In The Checkmate Pendulum I anticipated the east-west antagonism over Ukraine, the Kremlin neo-imperialism, and the paralysis at the EU and in the US facing the challenge posed by the Kremlin. And much more: the sick origin of the euro; the German hegemony in a rudderless Europe; the links between corrupt politicians and crooked bankers; the role of Luxemburg to protect tax-dodgers and money-laundering; the fight over Europe between the US and China.

And how China’s stratospheric foreign exchange reserves are impacting European treasuries – even the exchange rate of the euro. Read the first chapters of the book and get a quick look at the overall argument.

You will not stop there! Written starting in 1989, right after the collapse of the Berlin wall, and spurred by confidential meetings I followed as Director General at the EU Commission and Secretary General of the European Bank, The Checkmate Pendulum predicts that there would be more, rather than fewer crises in and around Europe – economic, financial and social, exactly the ones that brought us to the current stag-deflation. And of course you’ll learn about the role played by China in all this: a cultural, political and commercial rival, increasingly present in Europe, and able to take advantage of the state of disarray in Brussels.